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Poems from our vast collection of 100000 poems by famous and less famous poets - enjoy!

Funny Poem Collection - 2


Elemental Drifts


Ethiopia Saluting The Colors

Europe, The 72d And 73d Years Of These States


Exchanging Hats


Facing West From California's Shores

Faithless Sally Brown

Fast Anchor'd, Eternal, O Love

Februarty Twenty-Third

Fifteen men on the Dead Man's Chest poem


For Him I Sing

For Some Poems by Matthew Arnold

For The Foxes

Four Quartets

France, The 18th Year Of These States


From Far Dakota's Canons

From My Last Years

From Paumanok Starting

From Pent-up Aching Rivers

From The Flats

Full Of Life, Now

Funny to be a Century

General Gordon the Hero of Khartoum



Give Me The Splendid, Silent Sun Part 1

Give Me The Splendid, Silent Sun Part 2

Give Me The Splendid, Silent Sun Part 3

Gliding Over All


Great Are The Myths

Gus The Theatre Cat

Hast Never Come To Thee An Hour

Haunted House

Her Eyes

Here The Frailest Leaves Of Me

Here, Sailor

His Garden

Holy Sonnet XIX Oh To Vex Me Contraries Meet In One

How doth the little crocodile

How pleasant to know Mr. Lear

How Solemn As One



I Am He That Aches With Love

I Dream of Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair

I Dream'd In A Dream

I Hear America Singing

I Hear It Was Charged Against Me

I Heard You, Solemn-sweep Pipes Of The Organ

I Saw In Louisiana A Live Oak Growing

I Saw Old General At Bay

I Sing The Body Electric

I Sit And Look Out

I Thought I Was Not Alone

I Will Take An Egg Out Of The Robin's Nest

In Cabin'd Ships At Sea

In Former Songs

In Memory Of Alfred Pollexfen

In Midnight Sleep

In Paths Untrodden

In The New Garden In All The Part s

Incidents in the Life of my Uncle Arly


Isaac and Archibald

Italian Music In Dakota


Jabed Meeker Humorist

Joy, Shipmate, Joy!


Kings Must Die


La Figlia Che Piange


Laws For Creations

Le Directeur

Leaves Of Grass. A Carol Of Harvest For 1867


Long I Thought That Knowledge

Long, Too Long, O Land!

Look Down, Fair Moon

Lowly Laureate

Luke Havergal

Lune de Miel

Mac Flecknoe

Macavity The Mystery Cat

Manhattan Streets I Saunter'd, Pondering




Me Imperturbe


Melange adultere de tout

Miniver Cheevy



Morning at the Window

Morning Glories

Mother And Babe

Mr Flood's Party

Mr. and Mrs. Spikky Sparrow

Mr. Apollinax

Mr. Eliot's Sunday Morning Service

My Picture-Callery

Myself And Mine

Native Moments


No Labor-Saving Machine

Nonsense Cookery

Not Heat Flames Up And Consumes

Not Heaving From My Ribb'd Breast Only

Not The Pilot

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