Personal racing membership in Willcox, Inde Motorsports Ranch, ups its recreation – Arizona Every day Star


The tower stands high above for spectators to watch the action on the track at Inde Motorsports Ranch located 10 miles outside of Willcox, Arizona. Inde Motorsports Ranch is a private motorsports club and is home to a 2.75-mile track with 21 turns and the Chiricahua Mountains as a backdrop. 

A driver runs a 1974 Ford Pantera out on the track at the Inde Motorsports Ranch located 10 miles outside of Willcox, Arizona. 

Inde Motorsports Ranch has been a staple among motorsports enthusiasts across North America for a decade.

The 2.75-mile road course sits in Willcox, a community of 3,500 about 80 miles of Tucson. It grants its 200-plus members exclusive access to private garages, trackside casitas and 40 different track configurations, while boasting one of the greatest scenic backdrops in Arizona.

The racing country club serves as an escape for people across the United States, ranging from doctors, dentists and everyone in between looking to test their skills or relieve the stresses of everyday life. With lifetime memberships offered anywhere from $5,000 to $6,500, it delivers an intimate and exclusive feel to the premier motorsports experience — which the club says is about to get even better.

As the facility celebrates its 10th anniversary, it is receiving a major facelift in the form of a complete track resurfacing, among other additions, promising an enhanced experience for everyone.

Purchased in 2008 by track president CJ Dorland and his father, Graham, the duo transformed a working cattle ranch owned by dealership titanTex Earnhardt into one of most desirable destinations in motorsports.

Since opening the following winter, the winding asphalt held up well, but lately has succumbed to aggressive fluctuations in weather ranging from heat, monsoons and even snow. As a result, the accelerated aging process has prompted a refurbishment of the racing surface.



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