Tucson places brakes on bike escorts for Trump automobile parades – Arizona Day by day Star


Powers could not be reached for comment.

The county sheriff is responsible under state law for registering motorcycle escort services and ensuring their uniforms and equipment make it clear that they are not law enforcement.

Gwaltney said PCSD has never had a complaint of mistaken identity until now.

In light of complaints that Trump parade escorts were mistaken for TPD officers, “we will be reviewing the approvals,” for Southwest Rangers uniforms and equipment, he said.

“We want to play by the rules”

Last Saturday’s Trump parade began in the park Church on South Columbus Boulevard near East 29th Street.

A pastor gave a blessing to the overflow crowd of cars, pickup trucks, vans and SUVs before the caravan headed out, said Romero, co-organizer of the rally.

Organizers expected 200 vehicles, but 500 showed up, she said.

For Trump supporters, it was a chance to promote their guy in the companionship of like-minded people, she said. Organizers stressed the importance of staying calm and not doing anything to cause trouble, she said.

“I was proud of our people for showing class,” she said, even when some passersby tossed eggs at the Trump procession, sparking a complaint to TPD.



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