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Volunteers with OneArizona helped thousands of Arizonans register to vote during the spring and summer, and are re-contacting them before Election Day to make sure they have a plan to cast their ballot. (OneArizona)

October 20, 2020

TUCSON, Ariz. — What do you do for an encore after you register thousands of Arizonans to vote? You head back out and make sure they cast their ballots.

Volunteers from OneArizona, a coalition of almost 30 advocacy groups from across the state, spent much of the spring and summer contacting and assisting Arizonans with completing the voter-registration process. OneArizona deputy field director Liz Zamudio said now that Election Day is coming in just two weeks, it’s time to seal the deal.

“We launched a ‘Get Out the Vote’ program with the goal of knocking on 150,000 doors,” Zamudio said. “These are the folks that we’ve helped register early on this year, and we’re making sure that we go to their doors and say, ‘Now, let’s make a plan to vote.’ “

Zamudio said volunteers are knocking on doors or sending messages to the people they registered, many of whom are voting for the first time, to help them cast a ballot either by mail, in person at an early-voting station or at their precinct on Election Day.

She said during the registration drive, volunteers focused on reaching communities that don’t have a history of turning out for elections.

“We’re focusing on neighborhoods that don’t really turn out to vote – so people of color, usually low-income communities and areas with young folks as well,” she said.

Zamudio said while there are important reasons for everyone who’s eligible to register and vote, choosing the country’s leaders this year is more important than ever.

“The 2020 election is a pivotal moment for our communities and our state,” she said. “We know that young people and people of color have the power to make a difference in this year’s election. And actually, Arizona is one of the states where young voters can make the biggest impact.”

She said volunteers will be available to assist voters across the state up until the polls close on November 3. For more information, go to, or’

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Mark Richardson, Public News Service – AZ


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