‘We’re simply very grateful’: Arizona household reunites with their misplaced cat in Sacramento – FOX40


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — An Arizona family is reunited with its beloved cat after it was dropped off at the SPCA in Sacramento.

“We were traveling from our parents’ house in New Mexico back home to Tucson,” Ashley Sandoval told FOX40. “There was me, my husband, our five children, our dog, and three cats, including Rukia.”

The Sandoval family’s minivan was packed full, but when they got back home to Arizona and started unloading, they realized Rukia had escaped somewhere in New Mexico.

“We were at a truck stop and she might have just wanted to get out and roll around in the dirt,” Sandoval explained.

Luckily for the Sandoval family, a truck driver found Rukia and picked her up.

But weeks passed before they heard any news.

“So when she took her to the vet, she found out she was microchipped, and that’s where she got our number from,” Sandoval recounted.

The truck driver’s route passed through Sacramento, so she decided to drop off Rukia at the SPCA.

A week later, the Sandoval family hopped on a flight to come pick her up.

But this story would have had a very different ending if Rukia wasn’t microchipped, according to Sacramento SPCA CEO Kenn Altine.

“Less than 8% of cats — owned cats — who end up in shelters are reunited with their families. 8 percent!” he exclaimed.

The Sacramento SPCA provided the family with a carrier, a litter box, food, and even a harness and a leash in case Rukia decides she needs a little fresh air on the drive back again.

The Sandovals told FOX40 they’re just grateful to bring a member of their big family back home.

“We’re just very thankful during the time we didn’t have her, she was being taken care of,” Sandoval said.

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